RGB-GSB2000 Ambient Light Module Multi-Channel Online Test and Calibration System
In-line, full board RGB LED in-line color calibration system is suitable for high volume, full board (patchwork) PCBA in-line color recipe fast verification and color calibration.
Application Scenarios
Online fast dimming calibration and Optical-Color quality control for large quantity of RGB light panels.
Equipment Functions
1.RGB color coordinates Cx, Cy and luminous flux acquisition.
2.Calculate calibration parameters and write back via LIN.
3. Verification of calibration results (retest white light or other specified colors).
4. Multi-channel parallel acquisition and channel expansion.
5. Calibration of LED modules of different BIN of mainstream brands.
6. Collect the Optical-Color parameters of direct and side-illuminated ambient light modules.
7. Automatically determine OK/NG, equipped with MES system, convenient for product traceability.
8. Traceable system-level calibration of Optical-Color parameters to ensure test accuracy.