Optics + Test + Calibration 
  • Lighting
    We provide optical automatic inspection and test for OEM at the R&D experiment stage to reduce manual operation and improve comparability of test data; final quality test of EOL light quality of automotive lighting components, linked with MES system as traceability data; optical algorithm calibration test at PCBA board level.
  • Display
    We provide optical chromaticity, brightness, uniformity, Mura and other system-level inspection and testing solutions for OEMs; provide fully automated inspection and test and optical calibration algorithms for automotive display component factories; including multimedia display, instrument panel, head-up display HUD, etc.
  • Camera
    We provide in-car camera and various Camera image quality test system solutions, image quality test cards, image quality analysis software, standard light sources, etc.
Industries & Solutions
Optical-Color + Test     + Calibration
We provide a variety of optical test products for luminous components, including ambient light module test and calibration system, ambient light assembly test and evaluation system ....
  • RGB-GSA1000 Ambient Light Module Optical-Color Test and Calibration System
    The desktop type ambient light module Optical Color detection and calibration system mainly solves the problem that the ambient light module needs to measure and calibrate and retest the various colors emitted by RGB LEDs during the development process.
  • RGB-GSB1000 Ambient Light Module Multi-Channel Test and Calibration System
    Single-station, off-line ambient light module multi-channel Optical-Color test and calibration system, it suitable for batch, ambient light module PCBA assembly board products. Multiple channels can be selected for simultaneous test and parallel writing of calibration parameters.
  • RGB-GSB2000 Ambient Light Module Multi-Channel Online Test and Calibration System
    In-line RGB LED light color calibration system. It suitable for high volume, in-line verification and calibration of Optical-Color recipes for whole board (PCB) PCBA boards.
  • Automated Intelligent Equipment for RGB Calibration of Ambient Light
    Automated intelligent equipment, verified by physical line data, it enables RGB calibration with high accuracy and fast beat, reducing the overall cost of production for ambient light manufacturers.
Technology & Knowledge
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