Ambient Light Assembly Test and Evaluation System
Automotive ambient Optical-Color Test System is suitable for the production of finished automotive interior light sources, online test brightness, brightness distribution, chromaticity, chromaticity uniformity, other indicators, etc.
It can achieve: accurate test data and consistent with the human eye senses; produce enough test data for "long" or "shaped" light guide ; data repeatability and soluble source.
Application Scenarios
Automotive ambient light distribution, defect detection, Optical-Color quality online sampling and batch full test
1. Uniform entry test of incoming production materials, strictly control the optical quality of product components and improve the straight-through rate.
2. Provide online quality test for product components in different sections to ensure the qualified rate of assembled product components and avoid rework and waste.
3. Strictly ensure the quality of shipped products, in order to avoid disputes with customers due to quality issues.
Equipment Functions
1. Measurement of brightness and uniformity of finished Automotive Interior light sources.
2. Measurement of the color and uniformity of Automotive Interior light sources.
3. luminous finished products can be tested by direct visible, reflective visible, etc.
4. LED modules of mainstream brands are available.
5. This equipment adopts the measurement system consisting of science and technology optical acquisition equipment + mobile system + assembly parts fixture, and  it can do calibration of the whole system to ensure the accuracy of the test system.
6. It can be used to test the brightness, color temperature, color coordinates and other parameters of the multi-color ambient light assembly.
7. It combines power supply, light color test device, mobile device, test dark box in one automated test system. It realizes one-click measurement by software during the test and automatically determines OK/NG according to the threshold value.
8. It is compatible with different sizes of ambient light assembly parts
9. It is equipped with servo motor module, which is used to move the measured parts in and out of the test station.
10. It is equipped with MES system to facilitate product traceability.
Workflow of the Equipment