With the emergence of automotive-grade RGB single-package LEDs, the design of RGB ambient lighting has become more and more flexible, and it saves limited valuable space in the car than using three automotive-grade LED particles with different colors of R, G and B. However, due to the high requirements for color and brightness consistency of automotive interior backlighting and its ambient lighting, color consistency control becomes a difficult application point for RGB ambient lighting. The RGB dimming calibration system we developed can solve the problem of RGB LED Optical-Color inconsistency.
Ambient light
ADB/AFS headlights
ADB is a kind of intelligent far light control system that can automatically change the far light type according to the road condition. ADB system can automatically turn on or off the far light for the driver according to the driving status of the vehicle, the environmental status and the status of other vehicles on the road.
At the same time, according to the position of the vehicle in the front view of the vehicle, it can automatically change the far light type to avoid glare to other road users. The anti-glare light type change replaces the far and near light switch, and expands the field of view lighting on the basis of ensuring road driving safety.
The car welcome light is a new green light source for the car, mainly used in the car door position, its LED light source irradiation on the film, and then through the refraction of the lens on the film image presented on the irradiated object. The principle of the welcome light is similar to the principle of slide projector, the LED light source part uses advanced constant current control technology, with uniform luminescence, full of light color, lasting and stable characteristics, the whole lamp is pollution-free, noiseless, no electronic interference. The role of the car welcome light is: when the user pulls open the door can light up the bottom light of the door, and the car will be turned off and push open the door of the moment, the welcome light will be lit and illuminate the ground, the door will be closed to turn off the welcome light, the user do not worry about getting off the car can not see the road 。
Welcome light/Carpet light
LOGO light
In order to enhance the brand identity and brand recognition, the automobile brands are increasingly using luminous parts to produce LOGO.
Luminous products will have uneven brightness, color unevenness, and visual defects (such as: black spots, dark spots, etc.), and there will be inconsistencies between products and product batches.
Through professional imaging optical data analysis, we can do product quality screening, control and data traceability.
Illuminated characters
Nowadays, the design of cars is becoming more and more humanized, and making the characters in the buttons, center console, multimedia, reading lights and other areas inside the car into luminous products can make the operation easier in dark environments.
The absolute value of the brightness of the character strokes, as well as the brightness and chromaticity uniformity will directly affect the user's sense of experience.
The consistency of product quality is determined and controlled through imaging optical inspection.