RGB-GSB1000 Ambient Light Module Multi-Channel Test and Calibration System
Single-station, off-line ambient light module multi-channel Optical-Color test and calibration system is suitable for batch, ambient light module PCBA assembly board products, optional multi-channel simultaneous test, parallel write calibration parameters, for multi-color ambient light module Optical-Color quality test and optimization of calibration.
It can multi-channelly and quickly detect optical parameters, verify algorithms, and achieve any number of mixed color one-touch detection to improve test calibration efficiency and save R&D production costs.
Application Scenarios
RGB light panels and modules for small to medium batch Optical-Color quality test and dimming production delivery
1.Production department can choose multi-channel test and calibration writing for mass production.
2. Quality department can be used for product selection quality sampling test.
3.OEM to obtain incoming material quality through data analysis.
Equipment Functions
1.RGB color coordinates Cx, Cy (CIE1931), u', v' (CIE1976) and Lm luminous flux acquisition.
2. Calculate calibration parameters.
3. LIN and CAN bus communication protocols are available.
4. Verification of calibration results (retesting white light or other specified colors).
5. Calibration of LED modules with different BIN of mainstream brands.
6. Collecting Optical-Color parameters of direct and side-illuminated ambient light modules.