Luminous Characters Test and Evaluation System
Automotive luminescent character Optical-Color test system for automated light distribution test, defect test, Optical-Color quality sampling and batch full test of luminescent character modules and assemblies.
Application Scenarios
Automotive luminous character light distribution, defect detection. Optical color quality online sampling and batch full test.
Equipment Functions
1. Scientific-grade Optical-Color collection equipment, which can achieve rapid and accurate collection of automotive illuminated character Optical-Color parameters
2. User-defined area and point taking analysis are available; definition and test report output of qualified standard of brightness, color coordinates, color temperature, brightness uniformity and chromaticity uniformity
3. CAN/LIN communication can be used to meet the lighting needs of special lamps
4. Automatic determination of OK/NG, equipped with MES system for easy product traceability
5. Traceable system-level calibration of Optical-Color parameters to ensure test accuracy
Application Cases