RGB-GSA1000 Ambient Light Module Optical-Color Test and Calibration System
It mainly solves the need for calibration and retest of various colors emitted by RGB and LED during the development of ambient light modules. it provide temperature compensation algorithms to avoid color drift caused by different junction temperatures and inaccurate retest data.
It can realize rapid test of optical parameters and algorithm verification, realize one-key test of any number of mixed colors, improve test efficiency and save R&D labor costs.
Application Scenarios
1. It can quickly detect the brightness, chromaticity and luminous flux of the ambient light module.
2. It can calibrate RGB by dimming algorithm, calibrate different Bin's LEDs and eliminate their differences.
3. It can retest the reference color and mixed color, calculate the color difference, and can achieve any number of mixed color retest.
Equipment Functions
1. RGB color coordinates Cx, Cy (CIE1931), u' v' (CIE1976) and luminous flux acquisition.
2. Automatic calculation of calibration parameters and write back via LIN.
3. Verification of calibration results (retesting white light or other specified colors).
4. Calibration of LED modules with different Bin of mainstream brands.
6. Collect the Optical-Color parameters of direct and side-illuminated ambient light modules.
7. The system can automatically determine OK/NG.
8. Test result data can be viewed and backed up.
Steps for Rapid Laboratory Test Calibration of Ambient Light Modules