Automated Intelligent Equipment for RGB Calibration of Ambient Light 
It is an automated intelligent equipment to solve the RGB calibration of ambient light manufacturers from single calibration verification at the R&D stage to collocation calibration at the production stage.
The automated intelligent equipment, through the physical line data verification can meet the RGB calibration with high precision and fast beat, and reduce the comprehensive cost of production for the ambient light manufacturers. 
Application Scenarios
Program burn-in of ambient light modules Optical-Color quality test calibration and production delivery
The production department can choose multi-channel burning program and test calibration writing for mass production.
The quality department can quickly derive the product good rate and complete sorting of defective products in time
OEM can get the incoming material quality through data analysis
Equipment Functions
1.RGB color coordinates Cx, Cy and luminous flux acquisition.
2. It supports LIN communication protocol, calibration parameters are written back via LIN, and verification of calibration results (in 256 color profile library, freely chosen) is available.
3. It supports Optical-Color parameter acquisition for direct-emitting ambient light modules. Side luminescent light collector can be customized according to customer requirements.
4. It supports multi-channel burn-in and calibration to enhance work efficiency.
5. It can automatically determine OK/NG (optional marking method).
6. It supports uploading test result data to MES system (optional).
7. It operates on a windows system, and the upper computer software is written in C# to establish product data management according to customer needs.
8. It consists of automated intelligent equipment : loading, burning, calibration, marking, discharging stations, burning, test and calibration configuration of independent industrial control machine, to achieve connectable and independent operation.
1、Speed up the production tempo and increase the production line capacity.
2、Liberate employees from repetitive labor through automated machinery, significantly improve work efficiency, and circumvent the impact of errors caused by personnel.
3、Verified by the data of the physical line, it can meet the high precision of RGB calibration, fast beat, and reduce the comprehensive cost of production of ambient light manufacturers.