The driver monitoring system includes a driver monitoring camera aimed at the driver's face, which monitors the driver's presence and current status in real time.
The DMS can provide alerts to the driver and initiate interventions to help the driver control the vehicle. It ensures that the driver is in control of the vehicle according to the needs of the situation.
The 360° wrap-around view system 
The 360° wrap-around view system sets up four to eight wide-angle cameras around the vehicle, covering the entire field of view of the vehicle, and processes the multiple video images collected at the same time into a 360-degree top view of the vehicle's perimeter, which is displayed on the center console screen. The driver can clearly see whether there are obstacles around the vehicle and understand the relative position and distance of the obstacles to help the driver easily park the vehicle. Not only is it very intuitive, but also there is no blind spot, which can improve the driver's ability to control the vehicle parking or through complex roads, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents such as scrapes, collisions, and traps.