LOGO Light Test and Evaluation System
Automotive LOGO lamp module and assembly Optical-Color test system, suitable for automatic light distribution test, defect detection, Optical-Color quality sampling and batch full test of LOGO lamp module and assembly.
Application Scenarios
Light distribution, defect detection, online sampling and batch full test of Optical-Color quality of automotive LOGO lamp modules and assemblies.
Equipment Functions
1. Scientific-grade Optical-Color collection equipment, which realizes rapid and accurate collection of automotive LOGO light color parameters.
2. User-defined areas, point-taking analysis is possible. Definition and test report output of qualified standards for brightness, color coordinates, color temperature, brightness uniformity, chromaticity uniformity, image sharpness, gradient value.
3. CAN/LIN communication can be used to meet the lighting needs of special lamps.
4. Automatic determination of OK/NG, equipped with MES system, convenient for product traceability.
5. Traceable system-level calibration of light color parameters to ensure test accuracy.
Application Cases